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Summer 2017

Issue 17



A new show with Lenka’s puppets – Legends of Prague. Eurofest

A new show with Lenka’s puppets – Legends of Prague. Eurofest

It’s been awhile between issues as there’s been lots of change going on here. It seems to have become the key word in both global events as well as in my professional life! I’m enjoying developing my consultancy/story program design work with communities and early childhood services, while I continue to grow my work as a facilitator and writer. This year I’m wearing a few professional hats as I juggle my passions for outdoor education, designing creative programs, writing and teaching.

A new show, Bedtime Stories, at Cobargo Folk Festival with Eve Hofstetter, Feb 24-26 2017 ~visit website~

A Creative Storytelling professional learning workshop at the Educator’s Big Day Out Event, Port Macquarie, June 17, 2017 ~visit website

Educators Big Day Out

I look forward to seeing you and sharing stories and ideas for many ways to work with stories.
I was so busy last year, I skipped writing a newsletter. So here’s a taste of 2016 in hindsight.


2016 highlights for me were becoming a published author, with the July launch of a picture book,‘The Birds, The Sea and Me’, written in collaboration with Julie Sydenham and Shoalhaven school students. More information is on my Creative writing page

The Birds, The Sea and Me


I was delighted to be a presenter at the Story Conference: Influencing Cultural Change One Story at a Time, in Melbourne.   ~visit website~

My presentation was in the style of a story circle facilitating a reflective experience on the conference and individual journeys through change. Titled, ‘Sharing Stories. Mapping visions-Making Changes’, the workshop offered new ideas and perspectives, to facilitate change on a personal and professional level. It’s an honour to do this deep story work and to create a safe space where people can be nurtured by a process of deep listening, relaxation, guided journeys and story sharing. I’m excited about doing more of this facilitated reflection through the year.

Lullaby and Goodnight. Write Around the Murray Festival. Albury Jini Oupatam, Anna Jarrett & Meena

Lullaby and Goodnight. Write Around the Murray Festival. Albury 

Jini Oupatam, Anna Jarrett & Meena

I was honoured to be invited to Albury to direct the Opening Event for the Write Around the Murray Festival. The Lullaby and Goodnight project is a celebration of the rich multicultural community heritage in Albury, and a magical way to connect generations and cultures through stories, music, story flags and memory sharing. A perfect celebration of community diversity and harmony. I love this work!   ~visit website~



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